Global Service Jam 2014

Global Service Jam 2014

The event

As a participant in the Global service jam, you will work through a whole design process in one weekend. Whether you are experienced or completely new to the field, you won’t just be talking about service design, you will be working with others on developing concrete ideas and designs which could become real. Read more at

Our host for this event

Transformator Design


We where shown a drawing of an unfolded box for 10 seconds

Short description of my teams concept:

Our service is based on user-generated data and the idea is to help users find the safest way home.
Users can report good and bad things they see along their way at any time of the day through our service.
The positive data is gathered as green areas on a public map within the service. The negative data will be sent to the right authorities  so they can plan for improvement.

The «check point» feature is a service that tracks the users movement on their way home. Several check points are automatically set up when the user selects a way home. If there is inconsistency in the time spent between these “check points” an automatic phone call is made to the user. If the user does not answer the previously selected choice of family and friends will be notified.


Our team won the prize “best team”