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One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm
One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm
One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm
One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm
One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm
One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm

One day “Hack Fest”, Stockholm


Use live data to create a helpful service.


Five rapes reported to the police in Stockholm each day in July 2012. 1/4 of them where outdoor rapes.


Generate data that will help the government make the necessary preventive measures that’s needed in order to keep women safe.

Creative Solution

Create a plattform that allows women to share important data of when and where they feel unsafe. This data is shared with police so they know where to use their resources. We also want to help connect women so they can help each other. To do this we created a service that combines police data with user data. We call the service “Safe Skape”

Application features

  • Overview of the exposed areas in the city that have the most rapes and assaults. The data is collected from police data and statistics.
  • Mark where you feel unsafe so the data can be shared with the police.
  • Let your friends track  your movement so they know where you are if you need help
  • Make a short command on the phone that sounds an alarm. The alarm could be connected to the police and other women in the area with the same app.
  • Let your friends know how you feel through the mood board so they know when to keep an extra eye out.
  • Talk function when you can connect and talk to fellow women who´s also walking alone.
  • Allow single women to connect with other single women to walk home together. Use GPS location and where you want to go to help connect the women.


Website features

  • Provide information high-risk areas where women have been attacked.
  • Allow only women to create an account using social-security-number and a secure verification process to protect predators from using the service.
  • Share experiences and survival techniques through a forum to help women learn from each other.
  • Suggest classes and courses that help build confidence and skills needed to be able to protect one self.
  • Recommend taxi companies that are safe and have female drivers on demand.


Team members

Artem Bjork
Hanna Kulin
Lisa Bünger
Magnus Jonsson
Michelle Tully