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Agency 13: David Andersen (pitch)
Agency 13: David Andersen (pitch)
Agency 13: David Andersen (pitch)
Agency 13: David Andersen (pitch)
Agency 13: David Andersen (pitch)

Agency 13: David Andersen (pitch)


With the onset of the digital era, DA has struggled to keep up with changing trends. Their loyal customer base has aged and they have had difficulty attracting newer and younger clients.


  • How do we talk to the younger audience without losing the old one?
  • How can DA use new trends and technologies to increase online sales?


Keeping David Anderson’s legacy while looking into the future.




Web Updates:

Add a personal profile to make the engagement with the user more personal. The user will be able to save his/her purchases and view a personal style guide.

  • Separate the online store and the member’s profiles for more personalized information.
  • Users will be able to “try on” the jewellery they like digitally and pick them up later in the stores.

Web redesign

The website redesign will give a facelift” to the engagement of the current brand. We will also propose guidelines for how to engage with consumers via social media channels. We also want to give the physical store feeling in the web shop.

The site also needs to be rebuilt as a responsive ecommerce site that would give a great experience across channels. The onsite changes that will make a better experience of the David Andersen e-shop is to make the navigation easier, develop the search function to make it easier to find products you are looking for.

In Store

Implement the use of iPad tablets in stores to give an extra dimension to the service and in store experience.

  • Content would be: Virtual guide, wish list, recommendations and choose jewellery for different occasions.
  • Give the customers an option to browse jewellery and saving what they want to see while waiting to be served.

We believe this will give the store a refreshing digital update and appeal to the younger target group that DA want to appeal to.


Take advantage of future trends and technologies coming in early 2014.

  • Comes in forms of bendable bracelets, necklaces and earring screens.
  • The user is able to swipe through different items on an iPad. (double screening)
  • Gives an option to add items into the wish list.

We believe that the flexible-display technology can help David Andersen to become the innovative brand they’ve always been. This will help D.A. to make the first step into their cutting edge era and create the buzz they deserve.

Creative Process:

• Research

• Analyse existing e-commerce

• Web strategy

• Social media guidelines

• Idea & Concept

• Designs

• Presentation



Creative team:

Artem Bjork (Creative)
Martin Dahlberg (Creative)
Michelle Tully (PM and Creative)
Suzanne Worthington (Creative)


Research, concept: All team members
Strategy and guidelines: Michelle Tully and Martin Dahlberg
Illustrations: Artem Bjork
Graphic Design: Suzanne Worthington